Benchmark Gensuite Unveils First-to-Market Generative AI Capabilities for EHS & Sustainability Management

Genny AI enables leaders to transform safety, environmental, quality, and security risk management for new level of proactivity and resilience

Benchmark Gensuite Unveils First-to-Market Generative AI Capabilities for EHS & Sustainability Management

Corporate Ink for Benchmark Gensuite

Benchmark Gensuite, the leader in EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) and Sustainability management solutions, today announced "Genny AI," a groundbreaking series of proprietary Generative AI capabilities now available through its core platform that enable transformative gains in efficiency for frontline workers and EHS practitioners.

By integrating Generative AI (GenAI) across its platform, Benchmark Gensuite is the first technology provider to bring GenAI into the EHS and sustainability data management market.

“Our goal is to ensure our platform remains flexible and future-proof, capable of seamlessly integrating advancements in AI and beyond,” said R. Mukund, CEO of Benchmark Gensuite. “With Genny AI, we focused on leveraging GenAI to make our user community more successful in powerful, job-specific ways, realizing the promises of time compression and complexity reduction in the EHS context.”

Genny AI is empowering frontline teams and program leaders by improving data collection, accelerating data summarization, and identifying myriad operational issues with speed and accuracy levels that were previously unattainable. This enables Benchmark Gensuite’s customers to proactively manage safety, environmental, quality, and security risks, while simultaneously streamlining operations and achieving unprecedented levels of performance, ultimately creating tangible cost savings and other benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Insights: Streamline EHS, operations, safety, sustainability, and ESG disclosure reporting with the ability to intake, summarize, and action against multiple large data processing tasks, accelerating the delivery of business-critical information and the evaluation processes that feed into performance management.
  • Boosted Productivity: Dramatically improve quality and efficiency of frontline data capture in areas like incident management and hazard recognition to add value and create efficiency at scale for operational leaders and practitioners.
  • Real-Time Decision Support: Discover hidden issues and trends across various data sets and compare records to identify the most serious risks before they occur, turning the organization toward proactive prevention and real-time pattern analysis to ultimately save lives.

Benchmark Gensuite's AI-driven capabilities have already yielded remarkable success stories across various industries. TK Elevator saw a remarkable 97% issue closure rate and $20 million in savings by leveraging Benchmark Gensuite’s Quality AI feature. Similarly, The Heico Companies LLC streamlined incident management processes and improved data accuracy with Benchmark Gensuite’s various AI-powered capabilities.

Genny AI represents the company's five-year investment in AI technology to advance best practices, drive innovation, and create a product that grows alongside the customer.

“Imagine the ability for frontline EHS leaders to generate - in two seconds - a prioritized corrective actions summary for their site operations team, and that’s what Genny AI does,” said R. Mukund. “I am thrilled by the impact this will make on the life of the customer, and cannot wait to see the difference a truly complementary chain of purpose-built AI solutions will make.”

For more information on Genny AI, visit To see Genny AI in action, join Benchmark Gensuite’s upcoming AI – for EHS + Sustainability Collaboration Forum on April 3rd at 10:00 am EDT.

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