Essential Parfums: Redefining Haute Perfumery with Sustainability and Craftsmanship

MUMBAI, India, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Baccarose is thrilled to introduce Essential Parfums, a trailblazing fragrance house founded with a rebellious spirit and over 25 years of industry expertise. Embracing a unique philosophy, Essential Parfums offers luxurious scents crafted by master perfumers, using the finest sustainable ingredients.

Founded on the principle of restoring the essence of haute perfumery, Essential Parfums gives perfumers complete creative freedom. This approach allows for the creation of olfactory masterpieces that focus purely on the fragrance itself. The result is a collection of uniquely luxurious scents, meticulously crafted with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Geraldine Archambault, the Founder of Essential Parfums, expressed her enthusiasm about entering the Indian market: \"India has a profound and vibrant perfume culture that aligns perfectly with our brand\'s ethos of celebrating natural ingredients and craftsmanship. We are excited to bring our unique fragrances to India and to be a part of this rich tradition. Our goal is to offer Indian consumers an unparalleled olfactory experience that is both luxurious and sustainable.\"

Kadambari Lakhani Director of Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd expressed: \"We are excited to bring Essential Parfums to the discerning consumers of India. The brand\'s dedication to sustainable luxury and exceptional craftsmanship aligns seamlessly with our commitment to offering the finest international brands. We believe that Essential Parfums\' exquisite, eco-friendly fragrances will be a perfect addition to the Indian market, resonating with those who appreciate both quality and sustainability.\"

Essential Parfums is committed to sustainability at every step. The brand partners with the best perfumers in the world, sourcing sustainable ingredients to create fragrances that are both exceptional and eco-friendly. Each elegant glass bottle is designed to highlight the precious contents within, minimizing packaging and environmental impact. The brand\'s commitment extends to using recyclable materials and promoting biodegradable formulas. By cutting out the middleman and eschewing traditional advertising costs, Essential Parfums offers high-quality fragrances at prices that are accessible to a wider audience. This innovative business model ensures that customers receive the full value of the perfume, with savings passed directly to them.

Indian consumers can explore the range of Essential Parfums\' fragrances on Each scent reflects the brand\'s dedication to high-quality ingredients, sustainable practices, and the art of perfumery.

About Essential Parfums

Essential Parfums was founded with a rebellious spirit and the mission to restore the essence of haute perfumery. By giving perfumers carte blanche to create without constraints, and by focusing on sustainable and natural ingredients, Essential Parfums offers luxurious, affordable scents that are true works of art.

About Baccarose

In 1984, Baccarose set up in business in India with a manufacturing plant in Western India to produce fragrances and cosmetics. Soon, they diversified their partnerships with brands and made inroads into the country\'s retail industry. From establishing the very first fragrance counter in a departmental store in India to 380+ consumer-facing counters with trained consultants in retail stores all over India, Baccarose has established itself as a \'Pioneer in Luxury Brand Distribution\' in the Indian beauty business. Today, in strategizing to build the identity of all their brands, they focus heavily on innovation. 



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